Strategy and branding

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) is a non-governmental
organisation working to rebuild Afghanistan after decades of war and destruction.
A team of 6 Hyper Island students, including me, was asked to give the organisation
a face-lift that would attract a younger Swedish target group.

strategy research


We started with research in order to get a better understanding
and useful insights about people’s relation to non-governmental organisations.
We looked at competitors, interviewed the target group and conducted surveys.
Our main insight was that we should make SCA look, sound and behave
more like it’s desired target group. The deliverables were:

strategy communication


We retouched SAC’s internal documentation such as core values, mission
and vision in order to make it more approachable. We also created a younger ton of
voice to be used externally while communicating with the target group.

strategy graphic

Graphic profile:

We designed a new logo that expresses SCA’s spirit and focus areas
when working in Afghanistan and Sweden. In addition we gave SCA a new and appealing visual
appearance in social medias. Finally we provided SCA with a graphical online kit that includes a
collection of the new templates, guidelines and tips that can be used while communicating
with the users both in Sweden and Afghanistan.

A video about the project

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