The Pacimeter

Prototyping and user insights

The Pacimeter is a result of a 2 week project with Philips


My group’s task was to create an innovative product for children.
We decided to focus on the hospital environment, which is usually very unpleasant for kids.

We created the Pacimeter - a pacifier that can measure the child’s vital signs
as glucose level, pulse and body temperature without taking blood or preforming other invasive
and painful tests when visiting the emergency room


We worked with Arduino and processing in order to build a working prototype


And preformed user testing with both children and the medical staff at Karolinska children hospital


We got very positive feedback and useful insights that we gave to Philips in hope that they
will keep on developing The Pacimeter, which will make the visit to the ER less traumatic
for the infants and easier for the medical staff

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