Hyper Island project

Imac beatballs

The Beatballs  was a 10 days hyper Island project. Our mission was to  find out if music can be translated
from something we hear into something we can taste. Through a combination of programming and design, my classmates and I have developed a code that can convert music into flavours. More specifically, a code that translates music into different recipes for meatballs, allowing the user to find out how ”Bohemian rhapsody” could taste
for example. Than we built the Beatballs machine – a three meters high prototype that shows the process
of transforming a song into a meatball. Visit the website:

Promo films for the Beatballs project

Beatballs Posters

How to make a Beatballs, From the website

Beatballs web

The making of Beatballs. Behind the scenes:


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